What is the Most Common Personal Computer?

Vincent Barletta

September 29, 2022

Vincent Barletta

There are several different kinds of personal computers. The first was called the Altair 8800, which was developed by Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems. It was introduced in 1974. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak then developed the Apple I and Apple II, which ran the Macintosh operating system. In 1981, IBM released the IBM PC, which quickly became the personal computer of choice. The term PC was soon shortened to IBM-compatible personal computers.

Xerox Alto

The Xerox Alto computer was developed by Xerox in 1977 and is one of the most popular personal computers of all time. It used one of the first microprocessors, a medium-scale TTL integrated circuit.  Despite its limited capabilities, the Alto influenced a wide variety of later personal computers.


IBM is the most popular personal computer company in the world, and its PCs are among the most widely used computer systems. While most IBM PCs is single-user personal computers, some models are adapted for multi-user applications. As such, the term “IBM PC” is commonly used to refer to any IBM PC compatible personal computer.The term PC was soon shortened to IBM-compatible personal computers.

Xerox Alto II

The Xerox Alto II is a computer from 1978 that was produced by Xerox. The computer uses small and medium-scale TTL integrated circuits and is mounted in a rack beneath two 3-megabyte hard-disk drives. The Alto’s video display is taller, and the computer’s hardware consists of a keyboard, graphics display, and disk storage/processor box. The Alto is one of the first personal computers to meet the needs of businessmen and computer scientists.

Xerox Alto III

In 1978, Xerox donated fifty Altos to three universities for research and development. These computers soon became the norm in academic labs. While they were not intended for commercial use, they were an important resource for researchers and engineers as they developed the personal computers of tomorrow.

Xerox Alto IV

The Xerox Alto is a personal computer that was first introduced in 1977.  It has a 2.5-MB removable disk and a keyboard and mouse and was designed to run an operating system designed by Engelbert.

Common Personal Computer in Apple Macintosh

The Apple Macintosh is one of the most popular personal computers in the world. The Macintosh family of personal computers includes the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Studio. Apple machines use ARM-based processors, but they can also run Intel-based applications. As a result, there is a wide range of software available for the Mac platform. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak then developed the Apple I and Apple II. In addition, all current Mac models come with at least 8GB of RAM, and they all have high-speed Thunderbolt connectivity.

Common Personal Computer in Xerox Alto X

The Xerox Alto X is a personal computer that uses a graphical display, similar to that found on a television. The Alto’s screen is 60 lines wide and able to display up to 90 characters, each one equivalent to seven dots. The computer’s software enables the user to create his or her own character sets and display them on the screen. In addition, the user can change the font and size of the characters.